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Have a problem? Or multiple problems? Questions about how to solve those problems? Doubts about whether you have the right tools to solve those problems? Ok. Start here. Hopefully, we can help each other by examining how best to solve problems. Solutions aren't guaranteed, but at least you will have a community of problem solvers on your side.

Problem Solving Inc. is a newsletter that focuses generally on problem solving, and specifically on all the techniques that encompass that field of study, whether those techniques are applied to problems in math, science, business, or any other field. A common misconception is that problem-solving techniques apply only to math problems; this can lead some people to dismiss the field entirely, as not applicable to their daily lives. In fact, skill in general problem-solving methods can make one more productive, successful, and happy in their lives. How? By providing a toolkit that can be used when confronted with a challenge that may at first seem impossible to solve. Also, life is a series of overcoming problems, whether those problems are personal or professional, individual or human wide. Humanity has conquered many problems that, if not solved, could have led to very undesirable consequences. It's a pretty important subject. Successful solutions to challenging problems makes life easier. That's why you should subscribe. Have fun and enjoy! Happy Problem Solving!

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Evan J. Sillings

I am the executive editor of one novel and two children's books. Problem solving has been a passion of mine since I was a child, when I had to successfully figure out how to break into my grandmother's cookie jar without getting caught.